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Australian Rotary Health produces multiple brochures that provide more information about events and services facilitated by Australian Rotary Health.

Road Transport Survey

A confidential survey conducted by the University of Queensland will be sent to 3,500 transport workers in NSW to evaluate the costs and benefits of proactive physical and emotional health screening and treatment in the workplace.   

Student Application Form

Australian Rotary Health Indigenous Health Scholarships

Applications for 2014 Indigenous Health Scholarships are now closed.


The object of this program is:

♦   to provide a scholarship, which can be used to assist Indigenous students to undertake a course in a wide range of health related professions.

♦   to assist students to gain an education which will in turn enable them to use this education for the benefit of other Indigenous people in some of our remote areas.

♦   with the intention of training doctors to work amongst other Indigenous people, but the scope of the scheme has enlarged to permit the training, firstly of nurses, and now other health related profession.

The annual value of the scholarship is $5,000 per year
Payable in two equal parts through your attending university

The criteria to apply for the Australian Rotary Health Indigenous Health Scholarship is:

♦  the student must have completed at least 2 years of current medical course/or at least 1 year in other health related courses

♦  the student is able to supply all documentation pertaining to application

1.  Curriculum Vitae
2.  Supporting Documentation
3.  Essay titled "How will you contribute to improving Indigenous Health as a qualified medical practitioner or health work?" 
4.  References

All applicants, whether they are successful or unsuccessful, will be notified by mail.

Please mail your applications to:

Cheryl Deguara
Australian Rotary Health Indigenous Health Scholarship
PO Box 3455