Shape the Future of Australia's health!

Accepting an invitation to become a Research Companion will give you an opportunity to play a vital role in securing a brighter, healthier future for countless Australians.


The administration of the Fund is conducted from Rotary Down Under House, 43 Hunter Street, Parramatta using Rotary Down Under facilities on a fee for service basis. Australian Rotary Health employs a staff of nine people, some part-time.


The concept of Australian Rotary Health is to raise donations and invest this money to provide grants for worthy research projects in the medical and health arenas.


Australian Rotary Health has been approved by the Board of Rotary International as a multi-District project and is registered under Corporation Law. It operates through a Constitution which provide for membership to be restricted to Rotarians and for control by a Board of Directors elected by and drawn from the Members. Membership entitles members to receive all Newsletters and the Annual Report and Accounts.
Ian Scott
Ian Scott
Terry Grant
Chairman Terry Grant
Tony jorm
Professor Anthony Jorm
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